So, how many people can you squeeze into a Volkswagen Up!? Sixteen, it seems, in what is the first try with the 3.54-metre long and 1.64-metre wide car. The folks at Volkswagen Communications recently made the attempt, partly for a giggle and partly to show how small can be big, presumably.

The feat eventually saw 16 people, in this case 15 women and a man, finding their way into the car – two in the boot, one on the dashboard, seven on the rear bench, four on the front seats, and two in the footwells, before the boot lid and doors were shut and the windows were closed.

It’s a bit short of that achieved with the original Beetle. At a car meet in Australia, 17 Beetle friends spontaneously decided to squeeze into the Volkswagen icon. Then, in 2010, 20 people – who obviously had extremely high levels of pain tolerance – raised the bar with a record in Wilmore, Kentucky, which landed them in the Guinness World Records.

Naturally, attempts were also made in the successor model. In January 2001, a record 27 students in the US squeezed their way into a New Beetle. You can expect that some adventurous lot will probably try to better the Up! numbers when it makes its market debut next year. The things people do to pass time, indeed.