Peugeot will introduce its 208 hatchback into the market next spring, and the car will be available in both 3-door and 5-door form. The company says that the car represents the most ambitious specification overhaul ever undertaken by the marque, and the result is a vehicle which it says represents a true generation leap.

It’s slightly shorter and lower than the outgoing 207 (-70 mm in length, -10 mm in height), but will offer noticeably increased occupant space, with more room in the rear seats (+50 mm at the knees) and a more generous boot (+15 dm3 in volume), while at the same time being significantly lighter, about 110 kg lighter on average compared with the 207, and as much as 173 kg lighter.

General exterior design cues on the sculpted and athletic looking vehicle include a ‘floating’ grille, light signature and ‘boomerang’ rear lamps, but the two body types have been given an entirely different treatment, says the company.

As for the interior, that’s pretty much reworked through too – the instruments and controls, for example, have been completely re-thought to become entirely intuitive and clear, and are positioned around a small steering wheel, a “head up instrument panel” and a large touch screen.

Around 25% of the car’s plastics are recycled or of natural origin; as a world first, the rear bumper and the fan assembly are made entirely using these materials. Peugeot says this type of bumper alone will permit a saving in manufacturing of 1600 tonnes of fuel a year.

Five diesel models, four of which are equipped with the new generation Stop & Start (e-HDi), will be introduced at launch. As for gasoline mills, the 208 will introduce a new range of 3-cylinder petrol engines, in 1.0 and 1.2 litre VTi form. Expect more details on the Pug as it gets closer to introduction.