Daihatsu will be bringing this D-X sports car concept to the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, a machine that the small car experts bills as a “proposition for a new aesthetic of sports car that exerts a one-of-a-kind presence”. They’re calling the D-X “a new kind of a sports car”, we’re thinking of a new kind of Copen!

Among the unique features of the D-X (for d-cross) is a resin-based body that allows owners to enjoy a multitude of variations, according to Daihatsu. It’s seen here with some “4X4 style” body cladding normally seen or superminis and MPVs, but rarely sports cars. We presume that the black stuff can be taken off by owners for a more conventional look, as and when they please. Not seen here, but Daihatsu says the interior is “spartan feeling”.

Under the hood is a two-cylinder engine with direct-injection and turbo, said to strike a balance between the joy of driving and fuel-efficiency. No more details, but read more on Daihatsu’s planned two-pot engine in our previous post here.

The company adds that the D-X offers a driving experience with that “sense of oneness between person and vehicle that only a compact car can provide” a line that’s not too unlike Mazda’s Jinba Ittai message for the MX-5.

A future affordable sports car for the rakyat via Perodua?