The Tokyo stampede is well and truly on now, with Toyota being the next to announce its debutants at the show. The company will be showcasing three concepts, led by the FT-EV III concept, which offers a take of how the near future will shape up.

The third incarnation of the Future Toyota – Electric Vehicle is based on the iQ, and the company says it plans to introduce a production version of the four-seater concept sometime in 2012. The EV III’s lithium-ion battery offers it an esitmated cruising range of 105 km, a slight improvement over the 90 km offered by its FT-EV II predecessor, which was a show debutant in 2009.

Also set for its world premiere will be the Fun-Vii, or Fun-Vehicle interactive internet, to give the concept its full designation. The company isn’t saying anything about this one, save that it’s pretty ‘far out’ as things go and that the design heralds Toyota’s vision of a future where people, cars and society are linked. Whatever it is, there’s a lot of flower power imagery in this one, quite literally!