Not all the fun and games belong to the Japanese, despite Tokyo being home ground. Audi has snuck in a premiere of its own at the TMS, and this one is a unique A1 called the Samurai Blue.

The three-door A1 wears the blue and white colours of the Japanese national soccer team, accentuated by the red of the Japanese flag, and the exclusive polygonal design 18-inch wheels are likewise painted red. The vehicle even takes its name from the team’s Blue Samurai nickname.

The interior equipment of the 122 hp 1.4 TFSI hatch is in black, with contrasting stitching in blue and corresponding colourful accents for the air vent nozzles, inlays, center console and floor mats.

Audi plans to sell the Samurai Blue as a one-off model and donate part of the profit to a charity. The company does plan to come out with an A1 Limited Edition next year, with its design based on the Samurai Blue. All the better to slice you with, I guess.