If only four-wheeled EVs are half as sexy. Honda revealed the RC-E concept at Tokyo to great response, thanks to evocative livery that recalls the glory days of the RC racers from the 1960s. Having seen the real vintage stuff days ago at the Honda Collection Hall, Twin Ring Motegi, this one made me drool!

The RC-E is electric powered, so that fuel tank contains no liquid, but batteries. Not much details have been released, but Honda promises a powerful and smooth ride, and 600cc class performance in a 250cc class body. Should be a very strange bike experience – strong off the line EV style, but with no noise!

We can see good stuff such as the Ohlins TTX suspension and Brembos. And part of the reason it looks good is because there’s no need for big headlights – the RC-E’s LEDs are nestled in the nose vent below the No.1. Also notice the plug sign at the bottom of the bike, hinting at what’s powering it.