Whenever a Ford topic crops up, there are sure to be requests for new models and complaints that we’re not getting what Europe or US is getting. Once again, it’s not as simple as cherry picking any model from any market – local Ford reps must follow their principal’s global direction and masterplan. Here’s some of the plans revealed, and it will cheer some of you hankering for the new Focus.

Bangkok Post reports that Thai production of the new Focus will begin around mid-year at the company’s new plant at Rayong. This US$450-million facility is part of Ford’s aggressive expansion strategy in Asia Pacific and Africa. The Focus meanwhile, is a “One Ford” product, a global car to suit all markets.

The C-segment car was first built in Germany in December 2010, before production started in Michigan, USA. Mid last year, production began in St. Petersburg, Russia. Now is the turn of Thailand for ASEAN, and a new Ford factory in Chongqing will supply the vast Chinese market this year.

The current Focus sold in Malaysia and Thailand is imported from the Philippines, which will cease to make the car once production shifts to our northern neighbour.

The report adds that the Focus will make an appearance at the Bangkok International Motor Show in March, with an official launch planned for mid-year. Apparently, there will be no TDCi option, just 1.6- and 2.0-litre petrol engines at launch.