BMW has announced new engines for the new BMW 1-Series – they are found in the 125i, the 125d and the 116d EfficientDynamics Edition. The 125i is a new addition to the 1-er range, complementing the current 116i and 118i, and as you can tell from the model numbers, it’s now the most powerful petrol F20 1-Series you can buy.

Previously, the top of the line petrol F20 was the 118i, powered by a 1.6 liter turbocharged inline-4 engine with Valvetronic, Double VANOS and direct injection making 170 horsepower at 4,800rpm and 250Nm of peak torque from 1,500rpm to 4,500rpm.

The new 125i is powered by a 2.0 liter inline-4 turbo engine from the N20 family – you’ll find it in the bigger BMWs such as the newly launched F10 520i as well. In 125i tune, power output is positioned in between the 184hp/270Nm “20i” and 245hp/350Nm “28i” tunes that we’ve previously seen – the 125i makes 218 horsepower at 5,000rpm and 310Nm of torque between 1,350rpm to 4,800rpm. 0 to 100km/h takes just 6.4 seconds with the 6-speed manual or 6.5 seconds with the 8-speed auto.

There’s also a new powerful diesel engine – the 125d, which slots in on top of the previous king of the F20 oil burners – the 120d. Power output for the 125d is 218 horsepower, which matches the 125i, but torque is much stronger – 450Nm at 1,500rpm to 2,500rpm. 0 to 100km/h acceleration is 6.5 seconds for both the 6-speed manual and the 8-speed automatic.

On the other end of the spectrum – there’s a new BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Edition, powered by a 1.6 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine. Note that the normal 116d is powered by a 116hp/260Nm 2.0 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine. The 116d EfficientDynamics Edition’s 1.6 liter turbodiesel does the exact same output at the same RPMs – makes me wonder why the regular 116d continues with a 2.0 liter. It consumes just 3.8 liters per 100km with its sole option of a 6-speed manual transmission, and hits 100km/h in 10.5 seconds.

BMW has also finally officially offered the F20’s M Sports package for sale, though pictures of the M Sports F20 was released together with the official press kit when the F20 was first revealed to the world. Other than just the bodykit and interior enhancements, the M Sports package also includes the M Sports suspension lowered by 10 millimetres with tighter spring/shock absorber settings and harder anti-roll bars, and an optional M Sports brake kit which consists of aluminium multi-piston fixed calipers finished in dark blue metallic bearing the BMW M logo and 17-inch lightweight construction brake discs.