If you’re a big fan of two-wheelers, then you’ll know the Ducati Monster 795 to be one pretty impressive bike. So, if you fancy the chance of riding one off for free, then you’ll be chuffed to hear that RHB Bank is putting no less than three of these 87 hp Monsters up for grabs.

There’s only one way to win one, and that’s through the RHB Now Racer game, which can be played via the Internet or through a mobile device. In the game, which runs until March 14, participants will take on the role of a RHB Now’s Avatar riding a legendary Ducati bike

The objective of the game is to manoeuvre along one of eight racing tracks that are unlocked weekly, meticulously dodging and jumping over various obstacles – such as sticky tar on the road and giant spikes – along the way. You’ll need to pick up as much treasure as possible and cover as much distance as you can within the given 60-second time limit to rack up the highest possible score.

The top 10 contestants with the highest game scores every week get weekly cash prizes, and the scores are locked in the ‘RHB Now Racer’ leader board. The top 10 overall game winners with the highest game score during the campaign period will then be chosen for the grand finale challenge, where they will compete on a finale route at a dedicated site to see who takes home those three Ducatis.

Sounds simple enough, and the neat thing is that the game can be played numerous times. The scores, however, are only recorded when you make transactions on RHB Now, Internet & Mobile Banking, which of course means that you’ll need to be a RHB Bank/RHB Islamic/Easy by RHB customer registered with RHB Now Internet & Mobile Banking to be in the running for those bikes and the seven grand finale consolation prizes – starting from RM7,000 – as well as 80 weekly prizes of RM200 each.

Each transaction above RM50 carried out via RHB Now online or mobile – and these includes BillPay, Western Union, prepaid reload, PayPal as well as online and mobile purchases from participating merchants – offers you the chance to play the game and lock-in a high score.

You’ll find the game online via ‘RHB Now Racer’ campaign website at www.rhb.com.my, and if you’re doing the mobile route, the ‘RHB Now Racer’ mobile game application can be downloaded from App Store (for iPad & iPhone) or Android Market (for Android phones).

All the necessary details about the RHB Now Racer campaign can be found online at www.rhb.com.my, so if you’re a RHB customer, head on over to see how you can try and make that Monster yours.