Well, here’s some cheer for those with traffic compounds issued by DBKL before March 1, 2011. In an ad taken in The Star yesterday, the Ministry of Federal Territories has issued a goodies list in conjuction with Federal Territories Day 2012, with a number of freebies, discounts and incentives on the cards.

Among the items for the FT of KL is a flat-rate reduction to RM30 for all traffic compounds issued by DBKL before the aforementioned date. The flat-rate payment is valid for a month, and runs from February 1 until February 28.

Labuan folk, in the meantime, get a 50% discount on all parking compound fines, and that’s good for the entire month of February too. Elsewhere, items include free usage of public and sports facilities, the duration depending on the territory, and for a whole week (Feb 1-7), the usage of all public toilets in KL is free, if that sort of thing matters to you, that is.