Honda’s FIA World Touring Car Championship will be the 5-door hatchback you see above, developed with Mugen and J.A.S. Motorsport, but what’s under the engine hood is more interesting – a Honda R&D developed bespoke 1.6 liter engine that’s not found in any current production Honda car!

Honda’s two car WTCC entry will be powered by a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder direct injection turbo engine, developed in accordance with FIA’s Super 2000 regulations. The cars will be managed by J.A.S. Motorsport, and will be entered in every race in the 2013 season.

A typical race covers between 50km to 60km in distance, and the full racing season covers 12 racing weekends, with 2 races per weekend. All vehicles who compete in the championship are based on mass production cars with more than than 4 seats.