Here’s a new shot of the Proton P3-21A interior – the clearest shot we’ve ever seen, uploaded onto funtasticko earlier today. According to funtasticko, this shot was snapped at Equatorial Cameron Highlands.

There are some differences with this particular car’s interior compared to the one we previously saw, which I’ve included right below the latest image for your easy comparison. The first interior that we saw featured what appeared to be nice glossy strip of wood on the dashboard section in front of the front passenger.

This one doesn’t have that glossy wood, which could indicate a lower spec model. Tun Dr Mahathir also mentioned a GPS navigation system in the top of the range model, while this car has a normal radio system.

Liking what you see so far? The way the center dash area curves down to the gear selector area actually reminds me of the Proton Waja design.