Seventh-gen Porsche 911, the 991, launched in Malaysia

Porsche’s seventh-generation 911 has arrived in town – the vehicle was officially introduced last night in Sepang by Sime Darby Auto Performance, not just to the press but a veritable host of Porsche customers.

The 991 Series, which was announced last August before making its debut in Frankfurt a month later, is available in Carrera and Carrera S forms. The Carrera wears a 3.4 litre flat-six lump, and though downsized from the previous 3.6 litre displacement offers five horses more than before in terms of output, with 350 hp at 7,400 rpm. Maximum torque remains unchanged at 390 Nm, though now at 5,600 rpm compared to 4,400 rpm previously.

Seventh-gen Porsche 911, the 991, launched in Malaysia

The Carrera S, meanwhile, retains the 3.8 litre configuration for its mill, and of course power – as well as torque – are up, with the unit putting out 400 hp and 440 Nm, 15 hp and 20 Nm more than previously. Both variants are equipped with the seven-speed PDK transmission, with SDAP electing not to introduce the 991 with the new seven-speed manual box, though die-hard stick shifter fans can get such an example through request.

We’ve already written about the car, so no point expounding too much about it again. Some quick points for a recap – for trivia, the company highlights the point that though it may not be obvious to the eye, 90% of the 991 is new (the platform among them), and the car is 14 seconds faster on the Nurburgring than its predecessor and offers 16% less fuel consumption than before.

Seventh-gen Porsche 911, the 991, launched in Malaysia

Additionally, the wheelbase is now longer, and combined with a wider track width at the front, offers the new car improved tracking and roll stability at high longitudinal and cornering speeds. Overhangs have also been trimmed.

As for pricing, SDAP is in the process of finalising the prices for the new car, which should be completed in the next month or so – at the launch last night, only the duty-free (i.e Langkawi) pricing was available, and that’s RM430,000 for the Carrera and RM490,000 for the Carrera S. The cars come with a four-year free service/maintenance and warranty programme.

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