There have been plenty of novel ways in which vehicles have been advertised – yessiree, from hoardings to mobile means, they’ve been announced and intimated at, even proclaimed loudly.

Over in the UK, Nissan has turned to its heavyweight commercial vehicle relatives to help publicise its new NV400 panel van range to potential business customers – fifteen HGV (heavy goods vehicles) and trailers have been emblazoned with 96-sheet High Dimension truck wraps of the new van under the titles of ‘The New NV400 – Speaks Volumes’ and ‘The New NV400 – We’re Changing the Face of Vans’.

Given that the trucks travel daily up and down 10 of the country’s main motorways, covering around 240,000 km per month, this translates to placing the NV400 in front of an estimated 18 million drivers.

This is the first advertising campaign for the NV400 since its introduction last November, and the focus is very much on the van’s generous load volume and the news that Nissan has a new large panel van up and about.

The much bigger brother to the NV200, which was just introduced here with a Vanette suffix, is available with either front- or rear-wheel drive, with a choice of 100 PS, 125 PS or 150 PS diesel engines driving through a six speed manual or automatic transmission.

With four load lengths, three load heights and four gross vehicle weights to choose from, it speaks volumes about the flexibility with this one, hence the trumping up via the HGV route!