Yes 4G Proton Inspira unveiled at Bukit Bintang – and you can win it and other prizes in an online contest!

We already knew the car hidden in the Proton and Yes 4G teaser peek-a-boo box was a Proton Inspira because of the recognisable dashboard design, but now we have a full view of how it looks like! Proton and Yes 4G unveiled their special edition Yes 4G Proton Inspira today at their teaser display area in front of Lot 10, Bukit Bintang.

You can actually win this car as it’s the grand prize offered in an online contest running on Facebook. Basically all you have to do is pick an avatar, personalize it, tell a story on how you can use internet in your car, and share it with your friends to gain points.

The Yes 4G Proton Inspira comes with Yes 4G themed exterior decal, titanium black tinting, 18 inch sports alloy wheels, a total of 3 x iPad 2 Wifi, and a Yes Huddle 4G mobile hotspot. There’s also a Bluetooth-enabled Sony Audio System. There are also iPads, Yes Huddles and Yes credit to be won in the 2nd, 3rd and consolation prizes.

Click here to join the contest.