Stile Bertone is set to debut its radical Nuccio concept in Geneva, and the design derives its inspiration from the Lancia Stratos Zero concept from 1970.

Penned by the styling house’s design director, Mike Robinson, the mid-engine concept takes its name from Guiseppe Bertone’s nickname. The latter, who was the son of company founder Giovanni Bertone, took over the running of the company after the Second World War, and along the way helped establish the business into a world-renowned one.

The concept isn’t just a wild take on things as to how a modernised, reintepreted Stratos Zero shapes up – apparently, the basis of it is very much a working one. Robinson was quoted as saying that the Nuccio is designed around a very modern, two-seat, mid-engined donor sports car.

Technical innovations include a tensile steel roof that offers a low weight but a high structural resistance. As for the powertrain, the Nuccio is reported to wear a 483 hp 4.3 litre V8 mill. More on the car when Geneva comes, undoubtedly.