Last week, UMW Toyota Motor launched Toyota Traffic Tots (TTT), a three-year road safety programme targeted at preschool children. The event, officiated by Minister of Transport Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha, was attended by over 300 guests comprising government officials, teachers and children of Smart Reader Worldwide centres.

TTT is an extension of the car manufacturer’s Road Safety Programme, which is now in its fifth year. Partnering the Road Safety Department and Smart Reader Worldwide, TTT will begin with ten selected Smart Reader preschools in Klang Valley this year, progressing to 20 the following year and 30 centres nationwide in 2014.

Road Safety Education (RSE), a partnership between the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Education to teach road safety in schools, covers primary and secondary school kids. TTT captures a target group not covered by RSE and complements the overall road safety awareness programme, UMWT says.

“The key message is that road safety awareness should begin as soon as possible so that safety values can be ingrained in early childhood. Therefore, the Toyota Traffic Tots programme is proud to be pioneering the drive to fill this void in road safety awareness among younger children,” said Ismet Suki, President of UMWT.

“Our message for the children is as simple as ABC- Always Be Careful. Where safety is concerned, there is simply no room for error,” he added.

Under the programme, children will be provided age-appropriate lessons on road safety encompassing two categories – passenger safety and pedestrian safety. The former will include lessons on wearing safety belts and identifying traffic signs, while the latter will consist of lessons on road and vehicle dangers.

The lessons will be conducted for one hour every month, while teachers selected to conduct the modules will be provided with training and teaching kits.