Here’s something for Tron fans – a replica of the Light Cycle, and it’s real. Workable, too, running on electric power, and it even lights up. Based on the Parker Brothers Choppers’ Light Cycle design, this one is called the Xenon Light Bike.

Built by Evolve Motorcycles, the bike – which made its official debut in Milan late last year – features a 40,000 watt motor powered by a custom lithium-ion battery system, with two range variants available. The basic Xenon has a 60aH battery, and offers a 48 km range, with a three-hour charge time needed.

There’s also the xr, which doubles the battery capacity and has an up to 160 km operating range, with an extra hour needed to juice the battery up to full. The design features 32-inch hub-less wheels, a hand-crafted fiberglass frame and the use of OLED light tape, the last to give off that glow. Not cheap at US$55,000, but then, this isn’t quite the ordinary.