I really can’t wait to drive the F30 BMW 3-Series – it’s sure to be great when everyone from our own Anthony Lim to Autocar UK’s Steve Sutcliffe say it is! And the sixth-generation 3er should be coming soon, if this sighting is anything to go by.

Reader Khairul Nizam sent us these shots of the F30 near his apartment in Damansara Damai. According to the man, this dark coloured unit wearing swirl stickers on the front and back was parked on a flat bed truck for the night, and it was gone the next morning.

From the lower front bumper design, we can tell that this is the Sport Line model – will BMW Malaysia offer all three lines (the other two are Luxury Line and Modern Line) newly introduced for the F30? We have a feeling they will.

Do read Anthony’s comprehensive test drive report of the new 3-Series from Spain, and view the mega gallery as well. Click here to link to it.