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It’s not everyday that resurrection happens, but here we are with one for this week. What you see before you, however, isn’t a rebuild. No, this one is a thoroughly modern automobile. It’s a Brit-made Atalanta Sports Tourer, last seen new in 1937.

Seventy five years on, the Atalanta design has been revived, making its debut to the day it did back then, which was March 5. The new car is the result of a joint venture between motoring enthusiast Martyn Corfield and restorer Trevor Farrington, and has come about to ‘to fulfil the exacting requirements of professional and amateur drivers on both road and track,’ as Corfield puts it.

Since it’s a 2012 built-vehicle, modern technology has been used to enhance performance and safety, but the 1930s English sports car style has been retained, as have tall, narrow tyres, for good driver ‘feel’ and ride comfort, so it goes.

All components are new, with more than 85% being unique to Atalanta’s design (castings, stub axles, springs, steering system and so on), all sensitively packaged within a traditional hand-crafted aluminium over ash coach-built structure.

Considering that the original sold all of 21 units before the outbreak of war in 1939 forced the demise of the company, and that only four of the original cars are still in existence, Atalanta anoraks should have a field day jockeying for the modern example – only limited commissions for the 2012 Atalanta ‘Revival’ are being taken, and each will be built to an individual specification as a unique vehicle. Atalanta, anyone?