It was in Detroit that Honda stopped teasing the world and unveiled the NSX Concept. The world was excited. Now, chances are you’ll soon be seeing this car very soon in the cinemas, being driven by Iron Man himself, or so Hollywood’s rumour mill says. But before you head into the cinemas to drool at the car (I’ll be doing the same), here are a few more highlights of the next-generation NSX Concept as revealed by Honda.

The first thing that you should know about the NSX is that Honda is not joining the horsepower race. While most supercars are filled to the brim with the brute force of a large engine, the NSX will have a very favourable power-to-weight ratio. So, you can expect lightweight materials to be one of the defining features of this car.

There are no final numbers on its weight yet, but the dimensions of the NSX is as such: 4,330 mm long, 1,895 mm wide and 1,160 mm tall with a wheelbase of 2,575 mm. The NSX will have a front wheel size of 19-inches wrapped with 255/35 tyres and 20-inch units wearing 275/30 rubbers adorn the rear.

Beating in the middle will be Honda’s next-generation direct-injection VTEC V6 engine that will be partnered with a dual-clutch transmission and a third electric traction motor integrated within the transmission housing to give supercar acceleration while still having an efficient fuel consumption.

Two more electric motors can be found in the NSX, and they form what is called Super Handling-All Wheel Drive, or SH-AWD for short. This new hybrid all-wheel-drive system can instantly generate negative or positive torque to the front wheels during cornering. Honda predicts that the SH-AWD will deliver handling performance unlike any other.

The NSX will be developed by Honda R&D Americas and Ohio will be its chosen birth city. The bad news? The NSX will not be made anytime soon and will only go on sale in the next three years. Bummer.