Honda develops new CVT, available with Step WGN

Whether you are a fan or not, the CVT gearbox is here to stay. Point in case is the new CVT from Honda, which is part of their Earth Dreams Technology, specially developed for mid-sized Honda vehicles.

This new CVT features newly developed high-efficiency electric oil pump, high-strength belt and exclusive CVT oil raise transmission efficiency, which enhances fuel economy. It also features a wide ratio that gives more torque in the lower rpm range that translates to quick acceleration from standstill. In addition, the new CVT is equipped with the G-Design Shift that controls the gearing, throttle and hydraulic control to make the system respond quicker to driver input.

The take back from this new CVT is that it offers five percent better fuel economy than the conventional CVT, and 10 percent better than a traditional 5-speed automatic. The new CVT will not reach us yet. It is still new in Japan and will be first shoehorned into the Step WGN and Step WGN Spada.