A set of images picturing a Proton Preve suffering accident damage causing the front right wheel to appear crushed in has been making its way all around the internet today, especially on social media spaces such as Facebook and forums.

Proton Edar’s Facebook account has posted a clarification on what they are claiming actually happened with the car. According to Proton Edar, the accident happened around 4.45pm yesterday where the red Proton Preve in the picture driven by a Proton Edar sales advisor hit a divider and landed in a such a manner that caused the lower arm to break, resulting in the awkward position of the front wheel in the photo.

We think Proton Edar has used its social media channel effectively in this case – rather than try to bury the story it has come out to try to explain what actually happened (many people were coming up with their own conclusions on how the wheel ended up in such a position), and signed off with an advice to everyone to drive safe so that such accidents would not happen. Of course, only those at the scene would have really 100% known what really took place exactly. There doesn’t appear to be much other damage that can be seen on the car other than the wheel.

Perhaps the sales advisor was too enthusiastic about the new turbo engine’s torque. We at paultan.org would also like to remind everyone to drive safe. Proton has entered a new era with turbocharged engines in two of their models now – the Preve and the Exora Bold. The new turbo engine makes more torque at a lower RPM than most people are used to, so don’t go crazy before you learn your new car’s limits.

Give yourself some time to get acquainted with the car, which is especially hard to do if it’s a test drive unit – there’s definitely not enough time to learn the car’s full behaviour! It’s really not necessary to drive a test drive car as if you stole it just because you can – after all how often are you going to trash your car during your course of ownership?

You can click the image above to view the full message or head onto Proton Edar’s Facebook.