We’ve been working hard at this for the past 6 months, and it’s finally here – you now have the ability to list your new and used cars on this paultan.org website as well as our new auto classifieds site, oto.my.

It all started when we noticed there were many new car dealers who were listing their phone number in the comments section of new car stories. Car dealers are increasingly turning to the internet these days to reach a far larger amount of car buyers than a print classifieds could ever reach, and via the internet, you can also get your ad up faster.

Later, when Harvinder tried to sell his E270 CDI, he sold it within 3 days by just posting it onto our Facebook fan page, and it was long gone before a popular classifieds site finally put up his listing online 5 days after he paid for his listing.

So we saw there was a clear need for a way to sell your car on the internet that was quicker and also more efficient than what is already available in Malaysia. And we saw that dealers were already trying us out, but rather than have this dealer information scattered all around the site, we decided to have a proper place for car dealers to reach our readership, which has grown in the past 8 years to become the true #1 automotive site in Malaysia, with the nearest competitor coming in at only half our readership.

And we’re not just pulling these numbers out of the air – they are based on data audited by Effective Measure, which have been appointed by the Malaysian Digital Association to be the defacto standard for internet audience measurement in Malaysia.

When you list on oto.my, not only will your listing be available on oto.my, it will also be featured on this website, which means you’ll potentially reach up to 1,000,000 unique readers every month.

Our listings are also intelligently targeted, which means if a reader is viewing a story about a BMW, a reader will only see BMWs for sale on oto.my, which is highly targeted thus increasing the chances for your car to be sold.

We’re in beta test mode now, so you’re free to list your car for free. We plan to have premium listings in the future. Please share with us your thoughts and feedback on the service and how we can improve your experience, as both a buyer and a seller. Here are some of the key features that you’ll enjoy when you list your car on oto.my:

  • Clean, uncluttered and fresh look with good usability
  • Easy to use navigation to search for your dream car
  • Extended reach by getting your ad featured on paultan.org
  • Upload and view up to 20 high-res images
  • Intelligent display of related car listings
  • Intelligent display of related car news and reviews from paultan.org
  • Ultra fast approval – we aim to provide same day approval for ad listings if posted before 4pm on weekdays
  • Easy to use seller panel/profile
  • Edit your ad – editing functions available after publishing your ad
  • Easy and convenient loan calculator
  • Quick removal of ad once car is sold
  • Much more to come!