As would be obvious, there’s a veritable plethora of fresh Chinese offerings on parade at Auto China, many from manufacturers pretty much unknown to us. One such company is Zotye Auto, which has the Z300 sedan as its debutant at Beijing.

The face might look a bit familiar, and in fact many of the lines might – the front looks a bit Civic-ish, and the rest of the car looks like it could be borrowed from some Toyota.

There’s little info on the car proper – the brochure (all in Chinese) lists nothing beyond what it considers salient points, and these are a 2,700 mm wheelbase and a Mitsubishi 1.5 litre MIVEC mill.

There’s also a “western-style interior: European top fashion design,” which in this case happens to be a relatively neat, black-themed cabin dressed in leather.

Safety kit includes six airbags and ABS and EBD, and there’s the promise of excellent driving performance with the Z300, courtesy of the “BS Lotus Engineering chassis alignment” that the car has been blessed with. Expect to see more doppelgängers as this one as our stories from Beijing keep come along.