11 months ago, in China, Volkswagen launched a project that invited the Chinese to submit their design, personalisation and connectivity ideas for tomorrow. The project was called the ‘People’s Car Project’ and the website garnered 33 million visitors and 119,000 ideas. Three of those ideas were further developed by Volkswagen and displayed at Auto China 2012.

First of the three is called the Hover Car, which is the picture on top. It is a two-seater city car that hovers along electromagnetic road networks. Volkswagen presented this as a study of a zero-emissions vehicle.

Next is the Music Car and it is equipped with organic LEDs that change the exterior colour of the car with the music. Volkswagen thinks that this car becomes a platform of self-expression and fashion statement for the young drivers.

The third isn’t a car but part of it. It is called the Smart Key and it integrates online technologies with a car key. It is only nine millimetres thick and has a hi-res touchscreen that tells the driver the fuel level of the car, climate conditions and the car’s security through a 3G network. With this key, the driver can also monitor the vehicle from the bird’s eye view via real-time satellite transmission. I personally hope this one gets made.

The People’s Car Project, that was originally scheduled to run for a year, will be extended indefinitely due to the project’s popularity. Plus, there will be a new project phase coming up soon. If you are curious as to what the Chinese can come up with, go to the website: http://www.zaoche.cn/welcome. It is all written in Chinese but the site also has plenty of pictures to see.