As far as numbers go, the 2012 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition had plenty to go by – 230,000 sq metres of exhibition area at the China International Exhibition Center and a total of 1,125 vehicles on display being primary figures. The number of displays even bettered that in Frankfurt last year (1,012 displays), a rather significant point in one-upmanship.

Of course, the enormity of it all also means one thing – plenty of accompanying ladies. The sheer scope of the displays was such that there were eye-catching sights – metal or otherwise – every which way you turned.

Items like the Youngman Lotus T5, Honda Concept S and Concept C as well as the Toyota Dear Qin may have been of definite interest, but by and large the cars had to fight the ladies for attention from the pixmen.

So, here they are, the ladies of Auto China 2012 – see any faves in there? My camera never had to work as hard, ever, so enjoy!