Since we’re back on a bit of a roll, here’s another one from Beijing. Geely’s GLEagle GX7 is the first SUV from the company which owns Volvo, and the seven-seater has just made its market debut in China.

Shape-wise, you’ll again probably see that reinterpreted from elsewhere, but the lines look clean enough on the 4,540 mm long, 1,835 mm wide and 1,700 mm tall vehicle, which has a 2,661 mm wheelbase.

The GX7 is available in two petrol engine guise forms, these being a 4G18 1.8 litre and a 4G20 2.0 litre. Reports mention that a 2.4 litre unit is to join the lineup sometime this year. At the show, what looked like a diesel mill called the 4D20 was also mentioned, but no idea if that’s currently on the cards.

Transmission options are a five-speed manual and six-speed auto, but there’s also mention of a 7DCT unit in that mix (though the diesel does only with manual and auto). Elsewhere, items on the kit list include ESC, seven airbags, a GSG Geely Intelligent Stop-go system, 17-inch wheels and 225/65 series rubbers.