China’s Brilliance hires Pininfarina man Dimitri Vicedomini

China’s Brilliance makes decent looking cars compared to its local rivals, and a lot of the good work comes from the famous Italian design house Pininfarina. The former loves Pininfarina’s designs so much that they’ve decided to hire the man who penned them.

The Pininfarina designer in question is Dimitri Vicedomini, who has 15 years of design experience. He previously led a Pininfarina team to design and modify several Brilliance models, including the BS4 Splendor (pic below) and Zhonghua H530 saloons.

China’s Brilliance hires Pininfarina man Dimitri Vicedomini

Brilliance Auto, based in Shenyang, northeast China, sold 30,446 Brilliance-branded cars and 69,354 Jinbei vans in the first quarter of 2012. It is also the local partner for BMW.

Chinese carmakers using Western designers is no new phenomenon. Recent examples include Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corp hiring former Ferrari designer Leonardo Fioravanti as consultant and Geely naming Volvo’s Peter Horbury as its design chief.

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