BMW has opened its first BMW Brand Store, and the inaugural outlet is located in the luxurious area of metropolitan Paris, at the Avenue George V.

Designed by luxury retail architect Eric Carlson and his team from Carbondale Architects and Version Architects, the 800 sq metre store kicks off the company’s plans for a new generation of BMW brand stores as well as the beginning of a comprehensive programme referred to as “Future Retail.”

With Future Retail, the company is looking at three objectives – first, to increase the number of possible contact points with customers and prospects, second, to increase the services and benefits offered in its retail channels, and third, to enhance the retail experience at all touch points.

The Munich-based automaker is also in the process of introducing an additional role to dealers, namely a Product Genius. The PGs – or well-informed sales advisors, if you prefer – will be equipped with a state of the art Information Management System on a tablet device, which will allow them to clearly define a product configuration and offer an in-depth explanation of features supported by visuals and films.

The objective, of course, is to better support customers with in-depth product knowledge as well as enabling the customer to better utilise and configure products in accordance with his or her particular needs. In simpler terms, call it a savvier way to sell a car.

The first markets planned to offer Future Retail, including the Product Genius, are France, UK, China and the Netherlands.