Enough about winning dream cars; how about winning a dream bike instead? Shell Malaysia is giving you a chance to win a Ducati Monster worth RM60,000. And to sweeten the deal, a VIP trip to watch the Spanish MotoGP in November 2012 is thrown into the mix as well.

So here’s how to win it. Buy a one-litre pack of Shell Advanced Ultra 4T, 4X7 4T, AX5 4T, VSX 2T or SX 2T motorcycle oil. You’ll find a nine-digit unique code inside the front label of each pack, which gives you one chance to enter the Shell Advance ‘Key to Freedom’ contest. Answer the simple question correctly via SMS, you could be one of the 10 will fly to Spain to watch the race and find out who wins the Ducati.

You can also increase your chance to go to Spain by using your unique code to vote for your favourite band featured on the Shell Advance ‘Battle of the Bands’ Youtube page.

For more information to both contests, visit your nearest Shell station, bike workshop and Shell’s webpage.