Yet another Chinese make sighted on test in Malaysia – this time it’s a Chery A3 sedan and it was snapped on the PLUS highway near Perak by Kevin Lee.

This car is known with many different names in the markets where it is available. It’s been known to called the Chery Tengo, the Chery Chance, the Chery Niche, the Chery Skin, the Chery Orinoco, or good old alphanumeric codes like the A3, the J3, or the M11.

It’s powered by a range of Chery’s own ACTECO four cylinder engines such as a 119hp/147Nm 1.6 litre, a 132hp/170Nm 1.8 litre and a 139hp/183Nm 2.0 litre. Judging from it’s 2,550mm wheelbase, it’s a B-segment compact sedan like the Honda City and the Toyota Vios.

Chery hasn’t been doing too badly in Malaysia. The Chery Eastar MPV seems popular and has been selling relatively well in comparison to other Chinese passenger cars that have been introduced in Malaysia.