Yet do we find another Chinese brand making its way to our shores, in this case Zhongxing Auto, better known as ZX Auto. We came across an ad touting the company’s Grandtiger 4WD pickup, which is being advertised for RM69,888 (on-the-road) as a ‘2.9L Turbo Intercooler’ variant.

This might actually be the CYQD32Diesel 3.2 litre-equipped mill – the specs as stated in the ad correspond to it; 108 hp at 3,600 rpm and 221 Nm at 2,200 rpm. ZX also has a 2.8 litre oil burner, the 4JB1TI, which has 100 hp at 3,600 rpm and 235 Nm at 2,000 rpm for output numbers. There’s only a five-speed manual transmission on call, and kit includes 16-inch wheels and 235/70 series rubbers as well as ABS with EBD.

The Grandtiger seen in the photos here is the F1 version, which was on display at the recent Beijing show and wears the 2.8 litre lump. Among the notable differences between the show truck and the regular Grandtiger are a more prominent grille and different style headlamps worn by the Beijing display unit.

As an interesting aside, one of the export markets for the Grandtiger happens to be Libya, and the vehicle saw action in the civil war last year. ZX even has a press release touting the versatility of its pickup during the conflict, in which the following are excerpts:

“For the battle, the configurations of pickup are variable and can be different according to special requirement. It can exclusively transport soldiers, for one pickup can hold a class of fighters; it also can be used for carrying goods, supplying ammunitions and provisions for troops; it can be turned into a full-time rocket assault car, with weapons like anti-aircraft machine guns, rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles.

A dozen or dozens of pickups can quickly attack and take over a town or stronghold. Once not successfully attacking, they are able to retreat dispersedly, waiting for the next opportunity. All in all, the armed pickup can extremely flexibly be used and easily helps the army to gather and scatter.” Nice to know how versatile it is, I suppose.