Fortune smiled on Weider Honda Racing again. Last year, the team qualified on pole and went on to win the race. This season’s race is an exact carbon copy.

However, the win was not as convincing as last year. Right from the start, Weider Honda Racing and Lexus Team Zent Cerumo pulled away from the pack, leaving the rest to fight it out for third place.

As close as the two cars were, Weider HSV-010 always had the upper hand on the Zent Cerumo SC430. Weider’s Kogure put on a strong and constant pace that increased the gap on Zent Cerumo’s Hirate. By lap 13, Weider leads by 3.438 seconds.

By the 21st lap, the racers were coming in for fuel, and a change of tyres and driver. Only Weider HSV-010 and Zent Cerumo S430 stayed out; the Lexus dove into the pits at lap 26 with Tachikawa taking over the wheel. The Weider pitted a lap later and Van Dam assumes driving duties.

Out of the pits and Kogure have done enough to let Van Dam retain the lead. Tachikawa, behind the wheel of the Lexus, was not closing in on Van Dam. While it looked like the Weider looked to be troubled, it was not the case.

Van Dam, at the press conference, said that he was taking care of the tyres at the start of his stint, which means going easy with the throttle. He also said that when it got towards the end of the race, he managed to pull away and cemented his lead and the team’s win.

Both, Kogure and Van Dam were pleased as well as the win and the excellent job done by the team that allowed them the victory. Van Dam was especially happy seeing that this is only his third race for the team.

In the GT300 race, Hankook Porsche won the race from pole position. Kageyama and Fujii said that the win was possible because the rhythm of the car was very good. But both drivers also had to put in a constant drive as well as keeping tabs on the tyres.

Tyres played a massive role in this Super GT round. At its hottest, the track measured a feverish 47 degrees Celsius. The first casualty was D’station Advan GT-R that blew the right rear on the back straights. They did not finish the race. Epson HSV-010 made more pitstops than everyone else to swap tyres.

Possibly, the team that were affected most was S Road’s GT-R and Petronas’ SC430. With just eight laps to go, the GT-R, trailing the SC430, blew a tyre on the straight into Turn Four. The uncontrollable GT-R then slammed into the front right of the SC430 as the Lexus was making a turn. The incident put both cars into the gravel and out of the race.

That is all from Sepang International Circuit. But our coverage does not end here. We have at least one more mega gallery to put up, and it is something you’ll definitely want to see.