Toyota Auto Body is due to introduce its fully-redesigned COMS ultra-compact electric vehicle in Japan next month, according to a report. The new form of the single-seater, which was previewed as a concept at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, looks to be a radical departure style-wise from the first-generation model that was launched in 2000.

The current outgoing COMS model is available in two versions – one offering a 35 km range and priced around 770,000 yen (RM30,800), and the other a 45 km range model, going for about 900,000 yen (RM36,000). The all-new COMS is expected to be priced at under 700,000 yen (RM27,950), and will be available in two configurations, the P.COM (personal) and B.COM (business), with the latter featuring a storage facility behind the occupant.

The new COMS, which has been given a massive restyling job from the old to bring it up to the times, will feature an increased range of around 50 km as well as a charging time brought down to around six hours from the more than eight hours previously. The vehicle’s top speed has also been increased, from 50 km/h to 60 km/h, and its maximum load capacity is also expected to go up from the current 30 kg, offering businesses improved versatility and more incentive to use the EV.

Thus far, only 2,200 or so of the earlier Coms have been sold to date, mainly seeing use as beverage home delivery vehicles and in businesses with similar short-distance applications, but with the new one TAB is hoping to increase sales to around 3,000 units annually within the next few years. A two-seater based on the Coms, with the passenger seated behind the driver, is under development – feasability tests were conducted last year in Fukuoka Prefecture.