Of all the apps you could buy to use with your car on the iOS App Store, this one really takes the cake as the most “nothing better to do” app of all!

Bonobo Labs’ iBoost app uses the phone’s accelerometer sensors to detect the acceleration and gearshift actions of your car, as acceleration would typically be interrupted when you lift off the throttle to shift gears – and uses the sensor data to reproduce the sound of a blow off valve! You can even select what model of blow off valve you would like the app to emulate.

Remember there was a point in time where people were really crazy about electronic sounds that emulate blow off valves – this was back in the days (early 2000s?) where RON97 was still the main fuel that people purchased and still cheap.

It wasn’t rare to see Wiralutions, Satrialutions and Putralutions around and people who couldn’t afford the engine transplants envied the additional soundtrack that these boosted cars brought to their owners ears.