Fancy having the same Auto Start/Stop function you can find in all new BMWs in your Windows or Mac computers? Well, read on.

BMW Group Malaysia has just released the BMW Eco Pro screensaver that works on the same principle as the Auto Start/Stop function. It works through facial detection on computers fitted with webcams. Move away from your computer for 10 seconds and the screensaver would switch off the screen. Come back and your computer will get back to business.

BMW says that you’ll be able to reduce the average energy consumption of an idling laptop by 693.99 watts, which is an 89.87% reduction from the default energy settings in spite of the additional use of a webcam. It all adds up – over 12 million kW saved if every computer in Malaysia goes idle for 10 minutes. Or 200 kW on a global scale.

BMW’s initial projections also estimates the move would reduce up to 36 tons worth of CO2 emissions. And enjoy a worldwide financial savings of up to RM145 million through a better use of electricity.

Here’s a video on how it works:

So, if you’d like to have one, or just want to know more, click here.