Reader Chris Song sighted this Honda Brio in Malaysia back in April this year. This Honda Brio is quite similiar as the Kia Picanto posted earlier in the sense that the car is completely undisguised, which is not what a car manufacturer would usually do if it were testing its own model for introduction. It’s even white in colour, just like the Picanto.

At least this time we have a clue as to who the trade plate on this car belongs to – it has been previously sighted on a disguised 2nd generation Perodua Myvi, which means this trade plate most probably belongs to Perodua. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Picanto we previously posted belonged to Perodua as well.

Perodua must be doing some kind of benchmarking exercise, and it so happens that the Brio and the Picanto are both A-segment cars, with wheelbase lengths between the 2,300mm to 2,400mm range and a both length of under 4 metres. Guess what Perodua is within that segment? The Perodua Viva.

It’s been about 5 years since the Perodua Viva was launched in May 2007, which means it’s at the end of its lifecycle (assuming a normal length lifecycle) and due for replacement. So I think what Perodua is doing is trying out different cars in the A-segment to see where the standard is right now, to get input for the next generation Viva.