Japan is world renowned for producing things that are cute, and here’s one more. Introducing the Mazda Flairwagon, a micro-mini tall wagon that’s being sold only in Japan. It’s essentially a rebadged Suzuki Palette, and the vehicle is also rebadged by Nissan as the Roox.

Anyway, the Flairwagon is 1,365 mm high and has a wheelbase of 2,070 mm. It seats four comfortably with plenty of headroom to spare. The power sliding rear doors adds more comfort and convenience when getting in and out of this vehicle. The rear seats can be folded almost flat that frees up a space enough for a standard 27 inch bicycle.

The Flairwagon comes in four trims – LS, XS, TS and IS Limited. Except for the TS, which is powered by a 660 cc DOHC Turbo, the rest have 660 cc DOHC VVT in the bay. No mention of official power or performance figures in the press release. The MPV comes with either a FWD or Full-time 4WD. All engines are mated to a CVT. The IS Limited is further equipped with idling stop system with hill hold control function.

As for fuel economy, it ranges from 17.2 km/l for the TS Turbo right up to 22.2 km/l for the IS Limited VVT. Pricing starts from 1.21 million Yen right up to 1.5 million Yen for the TS Turbo.