Celcom has just introduced Celcom First Voice, a new voice plan that features a simple rate across voice, video, SMS and MMS to all networks, anytime and anywhere. Pick a monthly commitment of RM40, RM80 or RM150 and enjoy a one rate of either 15 sen, 12 sen or as low as 10 sen for all four services mentioned above, so it’s easy to remember what you’re doing will cost you. The best part is, you can enjoy these plans with both prepaid and postpaid billing.

The plans also switches automatically once you reach a certain level of usage, which means the most you use, the more you save automatically. Customers will automatically be upgraded to a lower rate the moment their Real Rate hits the next price tier.

For instance, customers under the Celcom First Voice Prime plan at a monthly usage commitment of RM40 and a 15 sen one rate will automatically enjoy a new one rate of 12 sen for that billing period the moment their Real Rate hits RM80, which is the next monthly commitment tier of Celcom First Voice Premier.

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