It looks like Lotus is moving forward in its hybrid car development. The Evora 414E, which debuted in Geneva so many moons ago, is now being tested for its durability and drivability at the Lotus HQ in Hethel.

In case you didn’t know, the Evora 414E is a range extender hybrid electric vehicle. The raw numbers are such: 414 PS and 1000 Nm of torque. Yes, 1000 Nm, which lends to the 0-97 km/h (0-60 mph) time of around four seconds. And it farts just 55g CO2/km.

The car powered by two electric motor packs driving the rear wheels through the Xtrac transmission with a batter pack that be charged by the engine or plug-in from a main socket. The engine is a three-cylinder range extender engine can run on either petrol or renewable bio alcohol fuels (methanol and ethanol).

This Lotus drives an EVO electric generator that produces electricity to charge the battery pack or power the EVO traction motors directly. The sports car will run solely on electricity for up to 48 km (30 miles), under normal driving circumstances. Hard acceleration will call upon the small engine and the electrical motors to bring more speed to the car.

Simon Corbett, Principal Vehicle Dynamics Test and Development Engineer, said that the acceleration in a 1000 Nm lightweight car ‘is almost indescribable, the surge of torque is like an ocean wave!’