Porsche has issued a recall on three models – the Panamera Turbo S (produced between May 2 2011 to May 22 2012), the Panamera Turbo with optional Power Kit (produced between September 13 2010 to November 2 2011) and the 2012 Cayenne Turbo with optional Power Kit (produced between September 30 2011 to May 19 2012). What do these cars all have in common? Turbochargers. And that’s what’s giving the issue in this situation,

On the 11th July 2012, Porsche Cars North America Inc sent a letter to the US NHTSA notifying the agency that the models above will be recalled to replace the turbochargers. It seems that the MHI-supplied turbochargers could have their titanium-aluminium alloy turbine wheel break because of a casting defect.

When this happens, naturally the driver will feel a decrease in power, but if the driver attempts to continue the journey, the damage may intensify and the turbine shaft could break and oil could be drawn into the exhaust system, which could result in smoke and possibly a fire.

Porsche reports that the first case of a turbine wheel defect resulting in a fire was reported in Syria in October 2011. To date, there have been 37 reported failures worldwide.

Porsche will be replacing these titanium-alloy turbine wheels with standard alloy turbine wheels, and Porsche says the new wheels will not affect performance, maximum torque and top speed of the cars.