OK, so it is not quite James Bond but have you ever wondered how it will feel like to be chased by sharks while driving? Well, Volkswagen and Discovery Channel will be giving you an idea how it will be like. The ‘car’ that you see here is called the Volkswagen Beetle Shark Observation Cage, or Beetle SOC for short. And it is made for Discovery Channel’s 25th annual Shark Week that will happen from August 12 – 16.

The German carmaker and American TV channel roped in marine biologist and shark expert Luke Tiple and his engineering team to develop the swimming Beetle. The car, which will put viewers in the driver’s seat, will have the capability to cruise on the ocean floor. No news on its engine, power, 0-100 knots and max speed.

Because it will be awhile before the TV programme reaches our shores, you can view it through the Shark Week app, which will include simultaneous broadcasting. Additionally, you can surf to Volkswagen’s USA Facebook page for more content and #VWSharkWeek to take part in conversations in Twitter.

OK, enough words. Click for the video teasers and picture gallery.