With an already established safety reputation in the bag, Volvo is now turning its attention to medical conditions. To help the estimated 8-10 million hayfever sufferers in the UK, the Swedish company is equipping all of its models with either an Air Quality System (AQS) or Pollen Filter, as standard.

What the AQS does is monitor air particle levels and shut off cabin air intake before things get unhealthy, while the Pollen Filter basically does as its name suggests. The AQS also helps to prevent cabin entry of excessive levels of carbon monoxide emitted by other cars, ensuring the air inside is cleaner than the air outside.

Hayfever is a condition where an allergic reaction (sneezing, itchy eyes, a blocked or running nose and in severe cases, headaches) is caused by the inhalation of pollen or other foreign particles in the air. This happens mostly in the summer.

According to NHS Direct, drivers on the road between 5am and 10am are most at risk of aggravating their hayfever as more pollen is emitted from trees and grass at that time.