Hyundai’s Indonesian operations is hoping that the Korean automaker will look towards the ASEAN market for growth, suggesting that building a plant in areas considered as the future of the region would be a good way to go about it.

The president director of PT Hyundai Indonesia Motor, Jongkie D Sugiarto, said that building a Hyundai factory in the region, which is not currently earmarked by the automaker, would go a long way in helping the brand develop in terms of presence and sales.

“Currently, the company is focusing on Europe and America. But I’ve said many times that it should focus on ASEAN as a potential region for the future,” Jongkie was quoted as saying in a report.

“In ASEAN, there are three million cars sold every year. Hyundai sells 60 to 70 thousand units per year in the region, while it should really be selling at least 10%, or around 300 thousand units,” he added.

Hyundai recently announced it would soon build a factory in Brazil to open up the South American market, making ASEAN the only region that has not been assigned for manufacturing production, Jongkie said.

“I hope Hyundai has begun to think about it. Besides developing the brand in the area, production will speed up and there is even the possibility of looking at a car that is specially made for the ASEAN market,” he said.