Here’s a spyshot we don’t need. Don’t need not because we don’t appreciate reader Tee Lim’s contribution (thanks, man!), but because we’ve already seen the car. It is rear shot of a Subaru XV caught testing along Jalan Duta in KL, with some bits like the badges and taillamps taped up.

Readers of this site would have known since last year that the Subaru XV will be assembled in Malaysia, for local sales as well as exports to Thailand and Indonesia. It’s all systems go at Tan Chong’s Segambut plant in KL, and we have been told that engineering trial units (the car pictured here is such a unit) have been evaluated by Fuji Heavy Industries (the maker of Subaru) and given the green light for production.

The first batch of XVs are expected to roll out in December, and a January 2013 official launch is on the cards. We were in Jakarta last week to have a closer look at the CKD Subaru XV – click here for the full story and gallery.