Have you noticed the strange presence of blue cats at BHPetrol stations? One such creature with a bell greeted me today, before we found out that BHPetrol recently sealed a joint promotion with Touch n Go for a Doraemon campaign, where one can buy exclusive Touch n Go cards featuring Doraemon characters and soft toys.

The price for the Doraemon combo of Touch n Go card and soft toy is RM39.90, while the price for just the TnG card is RM15. Response has been good since the products were launched on 1 September.

“We at BHPetrol are so surprised with the tremendous response on this campaign and we shall provide more Doraemon toys to all our BHPetromart in the next couple of weeks as the offer will only end by end of this year.” said Baba Tan, BHPetrol’s marketing manager at the recent Doraemon “Greet and Meet” session in JB.

“We are hoping to have more Touch n Go services in the near future, as we try to maximise the experience of convenience where they can refuel, reload and purchase SmartTags, and buy food and beverages at one stop before continuing their journey,” Tan added.

What? No Shizuka soft toy?