Heard of the Switch for XTRA Race by Petronas? Well the local oil and gas company has launched yet another phase of the Switch for XTRA campaign called the Switch for XTRA Road Challenge. The video-based road challenge will feature 4 celebrities including Awal Ashaari, Scha Alyahya, Faizal Ismail as well as celebrity blogger Hanis Zalikha.

Each celebrity will have two members who are among the Top 15 winners from the Switch for XTRA Race in their respective teams. Each team will sent on a road challenge to a designated location in Malaysia and this will be followed by two online webisodes of the challenge.

At the location, the team will have to complete certain challenges and tasks in the quest of emerging as the ultimate team. Becoming the top team with be determined by the highest number of collective video views and this will be achieved with the help of the public.

The celebrities will also make use of their respective social media profiles to seek help from their fans and supporters. The winning team will walk away with RM10,000 of cold hard cash and it will be divided between the two additional members in the celebrity team.

Embedded above is the campaign video by Team Awal which will be followed by a teaser video of the first webisode. All videos will be posted on the Petronasbrands Facebook page. Stay tuned for Team Scha’s campaign video!