Formula 1 returns to the United States after a long hiatus. The last time Formula 1 cars raced in the USA was in Indianapolis; this year’s race will happen in Austin, Texas. And to put a milestone on the event, Hublot – the official watch of Formula 1 – has designed a new watch. The timepiece is called F1 King Power Austin.

The King Power Austin is made primarily from titanium to keep the weight of this 48 mm watch low. The material is also chosen for its resistance to corrosion and biocompatibility. Since this is a Formula 1 watch, there are a number of design cues that comes directly from the sport. You’ll first notice the disc brake bezel, which is made from carbon and titanium. This chronograph’s start and reset push-pieces, which have red highlights, also reminds of the motorsport. Securing the case to your wrist is a strap made from black Hornback alligator leather, with red stitching.

Only 250 examples of the King Power Austin will be made. Previously, Hublot also dipped into its King Power collection to produce limited-edition F1 timepieces. All are named after the venue in which the race takes place, such as Suzuka, Interlagos and India to name a few. So if you have been collecting, you’ll want this one as well.