Naza aims to increase its presence in East Malaysia

The Naza Group is looking to increase its presence in East Malaysia, and the expansion may see the possibility of an ‘auto-city’ being set up in the near future, according to a report.

Its group chief operating officer, Datuk SM Zulkifli SM Amin, told The Borneo Post that at least one outlet in Malaysian Borneo has been projected as part of the group’s business plan for 2013. Planning is still at a preliminary stage.

“We have discussed this with Tourism Assistant Minister Datuk Talib Zulphillip and the state government to find a suitable location,” he told the publication.

He added that the company’s vision wasn’t just to bring in one brand, but along the lines of something like an ‘auto-city’. “Why we plan to do this is to include the place as a destination as well – not just a place to sell and service your cars,” he added.

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